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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"

All my 5 R belong to...

This game made my day.
Well deserved 10/10.
P.S Man it's hard to fly a jetpack with a freaking 5 eyed monster that pukes rainbows and shoots fireballs

BoMToons responds:

Finaallly....someone who "gets" it.


This is so wonderful I am almost speechless. I never thought the internet could move me this much. :*)

The background arts excellent, the voice Hans supplied was great, the sprite itself is the most smallest adorable pixel Duder I've ever seen, the upgrades are fun, every time I died and came back to fight more and get more upgrades was magnificent fun, the controls feel like an ol' school arcade game which makes me smile even more, and overall this is amazing. Lovin' the medals too.

I found the Jet-pack is easy to get once you have the life and shield upgrades. 1000 gems doesn't seem far away once you rape Rainbow Puke. And the rainbow puke itself was the best part of it.

I am astounded once again by what the NG community can do, I'll never forget what my friends have done on this site for me. Thank you guys - thank you so much.


First time a game has got me so amused.

Seriously, I normally only come here to watch movies. But this game has got me HOOOKED.


Really fun and OMG hard D:!

@ misterbunny I think that was put in for the enjoyment of the users and to help out with getting the upgrades for the medal, but do keep in mind about one thing, Yokel Anesthetic Medal... Beat the Boss with "NO" upgrades... so no matter how many Gems you get, you can't even use it.

The game is really fun and it's pretty at what it's made for. Time well spent hehe xD


10/10. i think there should be a badge for triggering the rainbow puke 50 times called "taste the rainbow, muthafucka!" anyways though, overall great game, though the gameplay is a bit choppy. maybe reassign a function to the spacebar or allow custom controls. but seriously, this is epic. and also, good luck theCriminalDuder, im pullin' for ya, too.