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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"


I didn't think much of it at first but it hooked me and I couldn't stop until I finished it
Just a couple things I would fix though

1) maybe set the quality to low after the loading screen cause it looks ugly from the start, then it's pixel that's fine but the loading looks like vector art with text at low, not pretty.
2) the explosion sound is too loud so kinda annoying, maybe tone that down a tad
3) Submitting my score didn't work. I high submit then submit again and nothing. Gotta fix that
4) And I was pretty dissapointed at losing everything once I won and played again. basically as a player I could have staled my defeating of the monster to get more diamonds before finisnhign him to see all the upgrades but as a developer you should rather give a new game button WHEN I want to restart anew. Anyway that's my take on it, not my design so it's fine

Great game guys! Loved the graphics and upgrade progression, Keep it up!

BoMToons responds:

I put in the high vs. low quality thing, but it may not take the jaggies off the loading screen since luis was experimenting with raster art for this game.

I also fixed the high scoreboard thing in the latest upload.

Thanks for the review!

Lol, Rainbow Puke

Tip: Stay on the ladder while attacking so you can dodge his attacks. When his brain is exposed jump up and attack it