Reviews for "Mystic's Shore"

Wow.....you can really sing even in Mandarin....well, only one suggestion/complaint..... when you switch from english to mandarin for the first time, the mandarin voice mix is a little low... :) peace and keep making music my friend...

etherealwinds responds:

That's intentional! ^_^ The Mandarin is supposed to be more of a backing feature to accompany the English parts. I originally intended to have a choir of people singing the Chinese parts, but time constraints didn't allow that to happen! Thank you :)

Oh man, wow.

The Good:
-I like the introduction and the echoes on most things. They sound very pretty. There's a little reverb on some of the voice which makes quite a satisfying hiss.
-God damn all the melodic material so far, it's very pretty.
-Erhus are good. Did you use the free VST for them?
-I absolutely LOVE that buzzing percussion at about 1:11. Do tell, what is it?
-Using Chinese for lyrics DOES get you extra points from me, methinks. '-'
-You obviously put in a lot of time on this one.

The Not-So-Good:
-This piece often sits on a single chord like a brooding mother hen. Seriously, you don't need to have the same chord for the first minute and a half.
-This often reminds me of Runescape. That can be good, but in other respects not, such as good. One such would be repetition, another would be instrument quality. As much as I'd like to discount that, it IS a factor.

Overall: Score of 9.5/10. Well, I have to say, there's not a ton to nitpick on in this. That said, I didn't try as hard as I could... but you'll get that next round. <3 You know how some songs are just made really well but don't quite "click"? That's what it was with this for me.

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you for your review! The buzzing percussion sound is from Gladiator and is one of the drum loops under the vocoder section! I thought it added a little bit of depth to this otherwise potentially airy fairy piece. I've not played Runescape since I was about 11 ha, I used to be so bad at it. I mean what kinda person would play Runescape but be afraid to actually go into the wilderness incase you lost all of your items? Hahaha. Thanks again!

This is an NGADM Round 4 Review.


What I liked:
-Atmosphere is fantastic.
-I really love the instrumental stuff going on the background.
-The lyrics, especially the English ones, are thoughtfully crafted and skillfully written. I’m very impressed by them.
-The fact that you sing in a language you’re not familiar with is impressive as well.

What could have been better:
-The vocals are far too loud in the mix. They stand out considerably to me, I would have liked to see them integrated a little better.
-Sounds like you could use a de-esser at times, or less compression.
-The ending wasn’t bad, but I felt like it was a little out of place from the rest of the piece.

Overall this is an excellent piece that sets a wonderful mood. Great job!

Score: 9/10

etherealwinds responds:

Thanks for the review and the kind words and critique alike. In my fifth submission, I've certainly paid a lot more attention on the levels of my vocals and of course a de-esser on my splosives! I also worked hard to make it so that the song didn't have any parts that seemed detached from the rest. I'm very thankful for your advice!

I started liking this track until the vocals kicked in to be honest. Perhaps an instrumental version of this is in order?

etherealwinds responds:

I'm primarily a vocalist, so I prefer to create vocal/instrumental works. I keep instrumental works aside for projects like games in the future! ^_~ Thanks for listening!