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Reviews for "Coaster Racer"


i think this is the best racing game ive seen on here its really good quality what i love most is how responsive the controls are and the real backgrounds give it a nice touch i look forward to playing the hell outta this


awesome game! it was like trackmania ds...... free! the nitro boost made me feel powerful. i luved that and looking in the side windows ( i 4got the name) to see no-one behind is truly appealing. nice upgrades and grand replay value. all you need now is medals. ive truly struck lucky with this latest sumbit lucky dip! :D

really awesome

it's not often we can appreciate such a graphical pleasure and smooth gameplay.

Pretty good

I liked it but the game is kinda... repeating it self? tracks are nearly same and i cant see the upgrades really doing something.
Anywayz: 4/10

LongAnimals responds:

Of course the upgrades do something! It's a racing game!!!


The graphics are great, and it runs quite good on my system.
The game reminds me a bit of Ridge Racer in the way that the car turns more sharply by itself if it's on a sharp turn. Then you cant steer much at all on long wide turns. This is really weird, but... its surely not a game-ruiner. The game is still really fun to play.
The only other thing that bothered me was the race's starting countdown is too fast. I need an extra 2 seconds or something to get my hands situated on the keyboard after using the mouse.
Other than that, this game is great. Its hard to make a Flash game that actually feels like a racing game.