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Reviews for "Coaster Racer"

Good 3-d graphics but

It got a bit boring quick.

No. Nononononono.

Aesthetics: Extremely bland. No difference between the cars. Muted the sound because there wasn't the option to lower it. That's a bad thing.

Story: lol

Gameplay: THIS is the worst part. This is supposed to be a racing game, so expecting a story is expecting disappointment. Racing games are supposed to reward the player that navigates the track the best, taking into account not running into things, using boosts at optimal moments, stuff like that. This game has those things, and they are good, but (and this is where the supposedly comes into play) when you add RPG elements, you take away that reward and instead give it to the player with the most upgrades. That goes fundamentally against what racing games are about.

Also, it's Kongregate, so that's like -3 billion points.

LongAnimals responds:

wow what an idiot!

great game

I wonder if you can play this on your smartphone?


Great game, it just gets boring to quickly.

I would normally knock a point or two for that, but, this game was probably hard as hell to program, and it feels like you're on a coaster for almost all the levels (first level not so much.)

Art was good and looked pretty 3d, and all the macanics work fine in the game

It's just too boring too quick!


Simple and good.

GG's for the work :3