Reviews for "Zelda: A boring day"

Way to go!

What a brilliant parody! I suddenly remembered the Windwaker's pigs rampages.

this was awesome

best 20 seconds of my life...or something like that XD
but no, really, nice movie

Beware the magical centaur pigs...

They will f%*k you up.

O__O Lesson learned. Oh my...
XDD Loved it.


@iamgir: Zelda is the princess; she gets herself into random life-threatening situations a lot because she's dumb
@thunderwarrior1: Link is a random guy who gets the crap beat out of him by giant pigs a lot (well.. once) and such saving her because he's dumb enough to keep helping her (but we still love him).

As for the animation: LOL. I couldn't stop laughing when you look at Link's face as his sword gets thrown away and then sucker-punched.


Do not upload to youtube iced the cake