Reviews for "Africa Dudes"

I fucking did it! I watched this shit three times in a row.
Now if you excuse me, I'k going to go and chug some Bleach.

Seriously though. I really enjoyed this flash. I think it had great animation, a good sense of humor, and a nice ending. Great work guys.

How long is this thing O_o

Maybe a little too late to post a review for this, but I absolutely love this! Why was I not enlightened with this video before... A nice mash of (most of) my favourite artists... It progressively gets funnier the more you see it.

Also I don't really know what the general "reviewers" are shouting about... The entire thing is only about five minutes long.

That purple one on the swain looks like Trixie Rox

Uhh… Maybe that's not Trixie Rox.

seriously dude... the NAACP sponsored you?