Reviews for "Africa Dudes"


This was great! The humor of every single group of people, the drawings(animations (very clever to put masks on them so you won't have to do the mouth animations) in the background and also some ez peasy medals!
I really love the jokes in this, some of them even made me fall from chair, they're just pure gold. The Sahara Pals or whatever it was called since I won't watch it a 4th time and get cancer another time, were also quite hilarious, I wish you would've continued the project :( And yeah, the Kenya president phone call was also on (.)
Anyways, good job on this megacollab! Definitely my favorite one on NG so far, so many great artists and such a great accomplishment! No words can describe how great every single aspect was...

Hint: To get the medals just go to U tub and watch some videos that are about 24 minutes long, come back to the NG tab and replay this masterpiece. Ez 175 game points 4 ya

This cartoon was a childhood favorite and still to this day holds up. A big kiss on the mouth to all my party people.
The amount of collaborators definitely shows and I love the art style, it's unassumingly hilarious and the voice acting is terrific.

This was a nice one to watch, quite entertaining and funny

im black in real life but this is so funny!