Reviews for "Africa Dudes"

Nuff said.... >=(

Yep not saying a word... wait... AWWW fuckit... You guys are muh hero's good shit guys. By the way Tom your one weeeeeeeeird mother fucker.... =D

Absolutely beautiful.

I'd type out a long, thorough and thoughtful response, but I'm not an asshole who forces people to read. So yeah, you all have sexy voices and the video was awesome. I'm not LION. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT.

Stamper responds:

go buy tampons and shut your girlmouth

Wow... just... wow

Guys, you all have way too much time on your hands.

This was freaking awesome. AND INSANELY LONG. But I can't stop watching it... I just can't stop! Oh god, I can't stop watching...!


Fucking sweet! All good flash artists and a great collab! Pretty random, and no lips moving!


So its like 3 am and Im thinking, hey Ill grab a couple of B/P points before bed. Oh wow, here's a collab by a bunch of my favorite authors. Whats that!? Medal points just for watching you say!? By jimminy count this young lad in!

1st time through: Wow, this is great! What a great movie! Kind of long....is it going to end?

2nd time through : *opens tab and surfs porn....finishes and returns....still going*

3rd time through: Wow what time is it? Looks like I'm not going to school tomorrow morning.....oh shit it is tomorrow morning....I've wasted my life!