Reviews for "Africa Dudes"

The only funny I found is the last one :D

Soooo unexspectable ;D It was utterly fun :P I enjoyed watching it! Shut up and give me some love ;D XD

Cream cheese sandwitches....

Cream cheese sandwiches, cream cheese sandwiches, cream cheese sandwiches


I like the fact that you all got together to make this but its kinda boring, sooo yea.

I didnt find this really funny at all but....

Im giving a 10 for the fact that this flash has brought me soooo many reviews and your responses are making up for the lack of humor and im laughing my ass off on the ridicule your causing your reviewers. If you bad comment me, im sure ill just laugh again xD


"Its the piercing isnt it. Look at my PENIS!" HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Newgrounds should add a new rating level. EPIC i would so vote this for epic.