Reviews for "Africa Dudes"

haha awesome

funny funny colab 2 long tho (heheheh... long)

Lol how does this have badges?

Seriously how does this have badges in it?


the amount of work put into this animation really shows but the humor and actual story goes absolutely nowhere

Most Americanized African dudes EVER!!

Anywayz great graphics, writing, animation... the works! Nice epic collab to leave my 50th review in :D

For the gags and the art, you get thumbs up!

For taking who knows HOW much of my time to watch this thing not once, but TWICE (to get black-to-black badge) you get this review. A warning to all who have not yet seen this, get comfortable. You're in for a LOOOONNG vid. Still decent though.

(Extra props for being the longest flash vid I've ever watched!)