Reviews for "Africa Dudes"


OMG I HIT ONE OF THE ARTISTS PAGE BY ACCIDENT! Guess I have to start over on the medals... *slits throat*

Enjoyed it, but not enough for 2 more watches!

Stampers stuff was the funniest! I wish you made more stuff, your quick goofy sense of humor gets me every time :) I was nearly cryin laughing at the laser fight. I can listen to your voice all day. Your voice acting always has silly hesitations and stuff in it that adds to it, like the final "Also it was fucking dumb" was probably the best part of the collab.
I'll stop talking about Stamper now, it's getting weird.

I love how JohnnyUtah just used this as a way to rant about stuff that pisses him off. What an angry man Haha

Even in something where just their heads are moving Egoraptor's animation still comes across as full of energy and over the top. Also Friends is awful, but I enjoyed that joke :D

Adam Philips should stick to story telling. Clearly comedy isn't his thing... That was just annoying

haha awesome

funny funny colab 2 long tho (heheheh... long)

Lol how does this have badges?

Seriously how does this have badges in it?


the amount of work put into this animation really shows but the humor and actual story goes absolutely nowhere