Reviews for "Breakthrou"

This must be the greatest flash game ever on NG!

Graphics - Great graphics! Sound - Great sound! Music - Great music! Violence - Great violence! Interactivity - Great interactivity! Style - Great style! Humor/Review Ending - Great humor! (This is the greatest game ever on NG!)

Nice idea

Definitely a unique twist on the run-of-the-mill distance games.

I found a bug, though; if you aim low, you don't run into any brick walls and get an awful lot more distance.

I-smel responds:


This is awesome!

You need to revise this game.
I was hooked and played almost half an hour until I realized collecting games are usually pretty boring.
It has the potential to be a WTFWHYAMISTILLPLAYING kind of addicting. And you won't even break a sweat doing most of the changes.

1. Achievements
Making people waste their life since 1997.
Won't take you any time to create and I bet it's fun coming up with those too. Don't know how the NG medal system works, but this is something you could reconsider.

%u2022 Supersonic - Reaching a certain speed
%u2022 HOT HOT HOT - Eating 100 chili peppers
%u2022 Headache - Crashing through 50 walls
%u2022 First blood - Hit a man with certain speed

2. Upgrades
They make the game re-playable and make the players want to reach farther. Many of them will not stop until they've unlocked every single upgrade.
You don't even have to do any art for those. A text-based menu will suffice for the time being, though something like an inventory would be awesome. Also changing the outfit of skullguy is fun.

%u2022 Spikes on shoes - Better grip means faster vertical movement
%u2022 Running shoes - Higher starting speed
%u2022 Motherfcking ROCKETS - Even higher starting speed

%u2022 Head of steel - Less slowing down because of obstacles
%u2022 Helmet - Aerodynamic helmet will prevent you from slowing down overall
%u2022 Sonar - A solipskier-like warning system for items and obstacles (idea from minim1ght)

%u2022 Body control - Able to move even after hitting the first wall (combined with collecting items that lie around in other peoples rooms and you will get awesome)
%u2022 The matrix - Slow down time (optional because time-consuming to program)
%u2022 Chili magnet - pull those chilis if you're close

%u2022 Firing mah laser - Shoot down obstacles beforehand
%u2022 Speedometer - I'm sure someone will like this
%u2022 COMBOS - This is a huge improvement especially with the scoreboard

3. Items
More stuff to pick up to make it more interesting.
%u2022 Chili burger - Higher acceleration than chili pepper
%u2022 Bomb - Latest trend: Put a bomb into your house. Protection against all Red Jumpsuit Skull Guys in town

Those are some suggestions. You do whatever you want with your game.
This game is awesome and it can be much more.


Great game, although it might be better if there were some 'obstacles' which don't stop you, they only make you go faster! just one more thing: the guy's in tights. And they make his butt show ^-^

haha cool

got 4th on this year of the scores :)