Reviews for "Breakthrou"

it kinda sucked



I'm going to ruin the fun in hope of change.
If you right-click with your mouse at the bottom of the screen you can avoid hitting any walls. Thats how those insane highscores are made.


a good game, the graphic its ok but it's too easy, no power-up and no history.
i think you will make better next time


I would like to catch all the chilis before destroying stuff......... great game....fast but tat time that passed by was worth

No replay value

This game is just ok.
There are much better games out there that are similar to this.
There's no power ups, no story, no real reason to play past the first try.
And on top of that, it just takes too long to actually get into the real part of the game.
On top of that, the graphics are just ok. Good for 2008, but ok for 2010.