Reviews for "Breakthrou"


it'd be a lot better if you included some upgrades. maybe a variety of power-ups as opposed to just collecting peppers.

and wolfstine i'm not entirely sure what you did there, but i'm thoroughly disappointed.

Also a LOLZ Review

I also lol'ed at wolfstine's review XD good luck avoiding those peppers XD

Anyways the game is kinda simple maybe something more you can add up like in toss the turtle, you can maybe add some controls to move the guy a bit like WASD and also some additional obstacles/help like when you hit some thing it could make you go faster or something anyways it was an ok game :]

LOLZ Review

Just reviewing to say that the wolfstine review was HILARIOUS! I sincerely hope it was written that way on purpose otherwise he/she (but probably he) should be very embarrassed. You go wolfstine! We'll all avoid those nasty peppers together.
On the game: Simple and fun but I would like if we could move up and down the screen once the first wall is hit. A point system for things broken in houses would be fun as would the occasional boost. Either way I had fun so an 8 seems fair :)
Awaiting more!

Not that good.

It's pretty easy to avoid all the peppers, especially since you go so slowly the whole time. Not really sure what the distance meter is all about. You just sort of trip and fall at the end next to a brick wall. I think you should gain speed as you go. That would make avoiding the peppers a lot harder.

Fun for a while,

Needs upgrades!