Reviews for "Night of the Sciurus"

Good artist

Very bad writer haha
No offense, we can't be good at everything, well except me of course
Who says to himself "I could really use a chair"?
All the characters were annoying as hell
Ok I'm done bitching :) Good graphics though


the black guy lives....

that's some discrimination right there.

dude wtf...

that was pretty good, but feels like you are still experimenting with fbf...

anyways, what's with the spelling??? scurius? sciurus?

Slackman responds:

Good catch! Thanks for that!

That was great.

At first, it wasn't really that good. The first two deaths weren't really that gruesome or anything. Then it just got better. I laughed so hard at the last death. Was never expecting that to happen.

I'm just not sure...

Did I like this or hate it? I can't tell. I thought the stuff was funny, some was kinda crude and the animation was ok. But it still made me chuckle.