Reviews for "Night of the Sciurus"

nightmare on elm street

its freddy!! XD

lol i found the egg

it was funny

Totally Got it!

I thought the animation was alright and all, but my only real complaint was that the effects were WAY too loud. Other than that, a perfect example of how most horror stories end. haha.

that is why i do not pick on nerds


Good ole slasher goodness

Ahh, 80's slashers...how i love you so:
Characters: (Yep, all of them are there. The black guy who gets killed within a minute of the film, the fat geek [which i love that you put him in the freddy krueger outfit], the stoner, the jock, and the dumb bitch...err, cheerleader.)
Plot: (An abandon amusment park, a bunch of teenages, they split up...sounds like a slasher setup to me)
Gore and kill scenes: (Epic, all epic. Although, my favorite was the Firecracker in the cunt kill. over the top, and still so much win! As i allways say, me likey gore...longtime.)
Animation: (Pretty damn slick, Seems you spent a good bit of time on this.)
Voice acting: (The stereotypes are so well voice acted, i almost believed they were A list actors.)
The Killer: (A pissed of [and pissed on] squirrel mascot...i think he may just be up there with the brand name slashers like jason voorhees or michael myers. also, i liked the way you hyped up who the killer actually is untill the end...although it was painfully obvious...but that's why it's so great.)

Not long enough (Lol, sorry man. i had to come up with something, with that big list of "Pros" staring me in the face)


A real fan made tribute to a dying genre. i'm getting kind of sick of the remakes, and this proves that there can still be some orignal slashers. Here's to hoping it dosn't die as it slips from the public eye.
an amazing flash, for an amazing holliday.