Reviews for "MadFLeX Halloween 2010"


Nice work man!

MadFLeX responds:

Thanks, man.

awesome details

I thought the movie was hilarious!! Your attention to details really made this movie my favorite Halloween flash. I loved Eileen Titheright, "psycho goldfish voted worlds most frightening mascot", and hard core dancing. Thanks for putting the menu link at the top right corner so I can just watch my favorite scene over and over again. :)

Great fun!

The douchebag echo makes it all happen!

MadFLeX responds:

Haha.. I was thinking about turning it up, glad you caught it!

really good

lol really funny and i love the referance to the you tube video go cops at the end

MadFLeX responds:

lol glad you caught it. thanks!

cool film

this is is thhe best flash hollween based flash film for 2010 and it rocks