Reviews for "MadFLeX Halloween 2010"

awesome details

I thought the movie was hilarious!! Your attention to details really made this movie my favorite Halloween flash. I loved Eileen Titheright, "psycho goldfish voted worlds most frightening mascot", and hard core dancing. Thanks for putting the menu link at the top right corner so I can just watch my favorite scene over and over again. :)

haha nice

Wow a zombie invasion would happen during a scientology fair at shithappensville lol

MadFLeX responds:

that's right, man. stay away from there with the ish goes down. haha.


Nice work man!

MadFLeX responds:

Thanks, man.


This is one of the best halloween flash movies I've seen this year. Not-Quite-Eileen was so hilariously obnoxious "Ooh, are you talking about GTA IV? I have that game, I killed like everybody!" and the clown thing at the beginning scared the shit out of me. After watching this, I tried some of the haunted house survival tips out and number 2 actually works really well! I also added my own twist to it like talking to them
Zombie: BOO!
Me: Hi, what's your name?
*Awkward silence*
5/5 10/10

MadFLeX responds:

best review of the day. thanks man, i really appreciate it!


This probably deserves a review because it was really good. The drawings and animation were good, not amazing, but good enough to see what was going on everywhere and certainly at least average. The music and sounds were all good and appropriate. The plot was great because all the humor in the video was actually funny, which is usually hard to find, lol.

So I'd say 9/10, if you cleaned up your drawings a bit and worked on the animation a tad I'd give you a full blown 10. I am glad that you made this so long though, it was quite a show. I'd give you a firm 9 for sure, probably a 9.4 if I could rate with decimals =) Keep up the good work.

MadFLeX responds:

thanks for the honest review and the nice words! i'm still learning a lot about drawing, so hopefully you'll see some improvements in the future.