Reviews for "MadFLeX Halloween 2010"

OMG scary but good!

well that was scary as hell but kinda funny nice done i hope u make more videos keep this up

I love it.

Rarely does flashes truly have a point to their movies now a days. This was just good fun. It reminds me of the stuff that used to play when i was little. I would love for you to have a short story Halloween based movie. That would be awesome. with the same host of course. Bring back Eileen totheright. The voices and the comedy and the scariness was completely on point. And ps the fact that you showed you were not in it to win the contest shows you just love what you do. keep em commin' my friend!

MadFLeX responds:

hey, thanks for all the feedback and nice words, i appreciate it!

"you where being a douchebag"


MadFLeX responds:

haha...i like you. BUT THAT REMINDS ME!

flat-out awesome

That was great. I jumped at the first short. I was either jumping out of my seat or laughing like crazy. I love that combo! Great job... I wonder if Ilean's costume would count at his house (since he said to trick-or-treat at his house you must be dressed up)? Again great job I loved it.

MadFLeX responds:

Thanksss.. I'm glad you liked it! I think Eileen's costume is fast food Wendy. Haha.

really good

lol really funny and i love the referance to the you tube video go cops at the end

MadFLeX responds:

lol glad you caught it. thanks!