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Reviews for "Little Protectors"

great game!

i hardly ever see tower defense games where its actually necessary to continuously keep your eye on the game. its been a long time since i've actually had a challenge winning.

to anyone having trouble beating the game, try upgrading your units armor and weapons. and every unit type is useful and necessary in beating levels. i recommend starting missions with as many archers as possible though, since you don't have many defenders to start with you need as much range as possible.

Unbelievably unbalanced.

Did you actually test this game? It's pretty obvious the difficulty curve is way too sharp; after 5 attempts I still haven't managed to get past Easy Enough's 60-zombie wave.

The graphics are good, the instructions, while a little cheesy (since it's targeted to a young audience I can understand that), are otherwise well-written and understandable, but the insane difficulty of even the lowest levels makes this game practically unplayable.

needs some fixin

Really fun and addictive. Pleasant graphics and music is nice to ears. Skill system is easy, but allows you to have different ways of playing. BUT weapons and armor aren't applyes, so game isn't played as it should. If it gets fixin, game will be really awesome.

kinda fun

i cant get any of my changes(dress up) to stick

Im sure it'd be better

but i cant even beat any of the levels after you unlock the first bunch :/ people attack too slow against massive groups and you dont get enough gold to be able to upgrade your people, buy new people, and place some people by resources to solely farm it.