Reviews for "Carve n' Share"


I like it. Surprisingly addictive! keep up the good work.


i like it lol, some of the stuff that been drawn well worth a go lol


Dalp's Pumpkin :')




I gave you an 8 for all the pixel art, cause that was probably the hardest "bit "of all this
Fun halloween game for a couple mins, I gotta say the carving tool seemed a bit easier to control then im use to with drawing tools, most likely cause of the pixels, but i appreciated it, as well as the share option, thought that was cool
All and all not a bad little halloween game
I'd like to see some thing more though, maybe different backgrounds, change the shape of the pumpkin if you want, carve an apple ? lol just more options would've made it a little more fun to play with

oh, and it appears you spelt poxpower, powpower lol

Happy Halloween =]