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Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

Really cool

This is really fun. And it's good to waste time on. Well, for me anyway. It's really cool how good some of these people are. I would've gave it a perfect if it wasn't for all of the "racist pumpkins". I'm no pumpkin artist, but it's a whole lot of fun.

i love this game

i love how people show so much effort i see a lot of awesome pumpkin carvings
but... i see a lot of idea stealing to... happened to me as well...


really cool stuff! good idea great graphics,programming

Very nice

This has got all the tools necessary to make some rather cool virtual carved pumpkins.

It's about as basic as you get, but the possibilities are seemingly endless. It is awesome to be able to submit it for the general public to see and rate. And it saves your masterpiece(s).

Although at this rate, you may want to include a "Search" option as the user-made pumpkin queue is getting rather large.

I'm no artist, but I made a decent white sword from the first Zelda game using this.
I also made a TourettesGUY themed pumpkin for fun, but I don't think flmewarrior would like that one too much :/

One bug that is a bit of a nuisance is that when you submit, it might not go through.
And when you re-submit and it does go through, you found out you submitted it twice on accident.

I'm getting attached to the square tool and thinking of making another virtual pumpkin after I post this review :)

Cool =]

Just bugs me that so many people abuse the power of carving and sharing =/ I love all the pumkpins under the "Best" tab though. Congrats, people who carved the works of art. You've got a real talent with a computer mouse ^_^ Plus more patience than I could ever have! lol