Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

wow this is awesome

:3 i made troll face


and thats what Halloween is all about...
man some of the "best" pumpkins are amazing... I can't believe people are actually doing that...seems impossible. I'm so untalented.

Very cool to share creations!


Simple but working idea. Nice to give to people the tools to be creative, thanks!

ps: Giving tools to people... for good and for bad ;)

All the fun of a real pumpkin...

... Only more awesome. :P
Itsa pretty fun lil game!

Good Idea

I mean, it's all about creativity and sharing it with the world, right? But with this freedom to draw stuff and show everyone on Newgrounds... well... what can I say.

I couldn't help but upload 'penis' written very messily...

I'm sorry... :P

Maybe a sort of filter could be implemented? Like, it would have to go through a sort of judgement before it can be shown?