Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

Cool =]

Just bugs me that so many people abuse the power of carving and sharing =/ I love all the pumkpins under the "Best" tab though. Congrats, people who carved the works of art. You've got a real talent with a computer mouse ^_^ Plus more patience than I could ever have! lol


However, the mood is killed when you come across the ones writing foul language or rude remarks that are pg-13 or adult. I did come across one that had the Mortal Kombat logo, and now I want to actually carve that pumpkin. If my neighbors smash it before Halloween's out, there will be alot of trouble. All in all, great job creative guys, not-so-creative guys, don't even bother.


but people draw too much dicks i love the creative ones like one time someone made Joker

Haha I amde Finn xP

This is really cool.

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