Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

I did the sign that appears on Akuma's back after a Shun Goku Setsu- I'm shit at art, but found it easy to make relatively good images. well done pox.


Ellen is virus THIS STAYS NICE


the rating system is based solely on rating and not on votes so a pumpkin voted 5 once is rated higher than one with a 4.75 rating and thousands of votes


is it sad i do better pumpkin carving virtually than in reality O_O well i dunno any ways this game has become an annual thing for me

Great game

I'm glad to see people still play this a year after it's realease it's a game where you can be creative and i found this game after a year (took a while because you need a precise name to find game) just so my little sister could carve a pumpkin but anyway good game 10/10