Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"

The light issue is a bit annoying...

I found it was nearly impossible for me to navigate the dark tunnels because I just couldn't see a thing. Maybe this is fun for you guys but I just found it detrimental to the gameplay. Maybe you should have the view light spread a bit more so you can see where exactly you are going.


What is with the penis sticking out of ground on the main menu? Have something to do with those dark tunnels?

Good game

Its a little glitchy, in this playthrough i literally glitched inside of a wall and couldnt move, so thats something you gotta work on. I like the whole hope thing, i dont think people understand that you have to collect the floating words to regain hope when you pray.

Good concept. Mechanics can be improved.

I like the ideas behind this game. Praying as a morale booster is an interesting gaming component that I don't think I've seen quite used this way before. It gives the game a unique ambiance that feels new and innovative, as well as an artful emotional depth.

I like that the game doesn't rely as much on the cutscenes and extended dialog to give itself its haunted feel. You can just start playing. To tell the truth, I often end up skipping extended cutscenes even if they're well designed and acted. I appreciate a game that doesn't use them as a creative crutch or have ones that feel ponderous and tacked on. Most of the folks on here are skilled in game design but not necessarily in writing dialog anyway. And even good writers benefit from brevity in most situations.

I don't mind difficulty or a learning curve, but the platforming mechanics come off as containing frustrating design flaws rather than as genuinely designed to be challenging. The wonky double jumping feels this way in particular. Another reviewer's comparison to Castlevania (in a bad way) is useful if you're familiar with that game on the 8 bit Nintendo or original Gameboy in particular. I'm a big fan of those games, but because they were early in platform gaming, Castlevania's difficulty was sometimes related too much to it's choppy character movement and too imprecise character control mechanics.

Still, good work and it feels like it has lots of originality.

One thing keeping me from favouriting this...

I like this kind of game, but there's a major problem with this one. There's five endings and yet you lose all your findings each time! It's disheartening to find all but 3 objects/bodies/ghosts and have to go through all that again if I want completion. And I do have a map. As it is, I'm not going to bother.