Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"


Seriously, art game or not..this is just tedious.
key word of the day is - "Map".

Few problems.

It gets a bit irritating when you go into the tunnel. I wish you could have more vision. Silent Hill is dark and atmospheric, yet I can still see in front of me. I would like to see how the game's plot worked out, but the controls are too sticky and I fall whenever I try to turn around.

Just lovely

Quite a beautiful little game

Boring and Slow

The character just feels so slow. I have no idea what the point of anything is. Realistic since I'm in space and I understand this is suppose to have a point or something but it just feels slow and boring.

just pure greatness

I haven't cried as much I did during this game's ending than I did watching Toy Story 3