Reviews for "After Years In Dark Tunne"


I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the concept. The jumping was a little unresponsive at times, and after a while, I found the constant praying to be a bit of nuisance. My main complaint is A) a lack of any sort of map, and B) the slow, boring rate of exploration. Honestly, my second complaint wouldn't matter if you fixed the first. I don't think you should have a map right off the bat; but after exploring for a bit, you definitely need something to aid your progress. I got to the point where I had all the ship parts, all the personal items, and all but one body and one ghost. After crawling around for what felt like forever, I couldn't find the remaining body and ghost, so I just gave up. It would have been nice, after all that work, to have something point me in the right direction; I really wanted to open that temple door.


What is with the penis sticking out of ground on the main menu? Have something to do with those dark tunnels?


A very nice, deep game. A few technical problems, yes, but all in all a unique and fun experience. I was not able to really get any of the endings due to accidentally clicking away from the page when I only had one more item to found ( I wanted to fix chloe's suit) I kinda noticed that the room where you find Chloe was shaped like a heart and I found that to be a kinda cute little detail that added a subtle little bit of depth to the story. I honestly believe that if you worked out a few of the technical issues (no map, slip-slidey movement, iffy jumping and platforming, etc.) you could have a truly great and memorable game here.


is one of the best game I've ever played. thank you

not bad

Not really bad, i jus found it extremely boring...other than that, its a great game. but, it has the potential to b better, jus try 2 make it more exciting