Reviews for "Slash first test"

Very good!!

you speak a different language?


i love your character and you have sonic ultimate sprite sheet dont ya yea i just got it just a while i love it even though you have to download :( anyway great video dude you rock!


hermano te luciste buena transformacion bueno salu2 y sigue asi pero ala prox no pongas en categorya game xD bueno salu2

Why is this labeled a game?

This is not a game, it is a movie. The sprites are meh (definately not the best I've seen, but also not the worst). The ilustrated parts are kind of cool, but they do kind of clash with the sprites. The action was okay, but nothing impressive. It was also rather short. If you decide to make a sequel/follow-up to this, please give it a better plot than a random battle and make sure to put it in the right category!

My eyes kinda hurt now!

Next time put siezure warning
Just to play it safe. C:

Otherwise, it wise kinda cool.