Reviews for "Slash first test"

THIS is a game?!

I have found out that this was actually a movie, not a game. However, the next time you submit something into this portal, make sure you give it the proper listing, and do NOT title it as a test, otherwise you will have to suffer major consequences.

My eyes kinda hurt now!

Next time put siezure warning
Just to play it safe. C:

Otherwise, it wise kinda cool.

Why is this labeled a game?

This is not a game, it is a movie. The sprites are meh (definately not the best I've seen, but also not the worst). The ilustrated parts are kind of cool, but they do kind of clash with the sprites. The action was okay, but nothing impressive. It was also rather short. If you decide to make a sequel/follow-up to this, please give it a better plot than a random battle and make sure to put it in the right category!

Slash the ...?

Is it supposed to say "hedgehog" in the credits or is "ehdgehog" correct?
I didnt like it. It needs more action, theres too much standing around, and when something does happen its usually just flashing blinking lights.
As others have said, its obvious that he looks like Sonic's brother who was accidentally dropped into the sewer at birth and forgotten, grew up amongst radioactive waste material giving him super-special-awesome powers, and resurfaced with the same taste in shoes as the brother he'll never know.
I'm sorry if I went overboard... Maybe it would be better if it was longer. Maybe some tougher robots could come in after that one is dead.


Not too bad. My biggest concern... The sprite look downright horrible compared to the illustrated parts. Why couldn't the whole THING be illustrated?