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Reviews for "-Brandon-"


i thought that was very insightful and imaginative.
it looks like everything was well thought out and has inspired me to try harder to get my shit together.
thanks for the movie dude.
it's awesome.

very nice manng

I enjoyed the idea.
i especially like the credit song haha.
nice work man.

There may have been a lot of compression...

But the quality of the video was still able to shine through. Newgrounds could use more artist like you. Creative plot and great animation.

Brilliant, a true masterpiece

You have really putted effort on this flash movie. But it wasn't really comedy movie, more like drama.
There is nothing really what could be improved in the animation. It's perfect.

Now, about the file size. It is big because it has video material on the flash. keep those as low quality materials and it should down the size quite a hunch. Maybe with the swap function.
You also asked a video conversion. I'm more than glad to try helping you out, if you need my assistance.

Anyways, I loved this movie, keep up the good work :)


is one of the best animations i have seen

the consept it so asomome