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Reviews for "-Brandon-"

There may have been a lot of compression...

But the quality of the video was still able to shine through. Newgrounds could use more artist like you. Creative plot and great animation.

Turely, a story of passion!

It feels like a part of me. This is so great!

May you all feel your passion!


I admire the frame by frame animation and I realize you did not know at the time how to fix the qaulity to match the file size with out it looking crappy (Many other good flashes had the same problem) so with that out of the question it was really good. Voice acting seemed well done with the different characters acting a bit... well, it just kinda seemed that after viewing the first part of the animation I could kind of tell how they were going to act. So original I guess.
Good Job
PS: Woot, my name is Brandon!


The plot, the animation was flawless. I loved it.

hi there

Adobe Media Encoder should do the trick for getting the quality up and the filesize down.

Contact me if you need help, I've done it before with Smokey the monkey (it got frontpaged).

ActiveObjectX responds:

Okay, I am contacting you.