Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

damm nice

sence im the first this is a very nicly done rpg good story looks very good i can tell you worked very hard to make it. I hope evryone gives it a try


Awesome job on this one, amazing game I loved it end-to-end. My only gripe (and a minor one at that), is that it's too easy to just pump up your beast and let it do all the work. (My final beast was Tiamat, so idk if he's just overpowered or what, but MAN he was a beast {no pun intended}).

Really fun!

This is a really addictive game. However, there are a couple of features still missing, it seems: you can't go back to the first main menu from in-game (I'm assuming save is automatic) which makes it a bit harder to start a new storyline. Also, why is it that the crimson and azure stones are gray and darker gray, rather than actually being red and blue? But those are just minor details; the gamplay and storyline are awesome. Excellent job.

I really love this game.

It passes the time for me nicely, and I love the music.

Sadly... I lost my saves and it isn't resaving now :/.

just evolve mine into phoenix

haha next one i the dark one