Reviews for "Throw The Ball Collab"

Its okay

Pretty cool. Some unique ideas. It bothers me when people use other people's characters, but... I guess that's just me and my weird opinion. *woo*
Just wanted to say that the loading bar takes too long to show up, so it doesn't really do it's job. After a long time of waiting at white screen, it eventually appears with 50% of it filled.

A fluent animation

The animation was nice, and the art was creative.

ok that was nice.

dude, YOu should put everybody's pictures on the presentation screen and the idea is really good using an object an write an scrpit from that it's something that's not seen on NG. It was nice to see it.

I really liked this collab

Because it was something new and different. I do not think there has ever been a collab like this.

All of the parts were really good, except the easter egg


Worth every penny.