Reviews for "Throw The Ball Collab"


Great job you guys!
this was... I have no words for how awesome it is :D

Better Sound Track

To be honest I muted the sound immediately, and I could still hear it through my speakers. I respect the work that went into this, and am sure you're all very proud of your work, but I wasn't feeling it. Perhaps a better, more appropriate, less repetitive, annoying sound track might have swayed me.


After this long time, we've finally finished it. And with great succes!

Everything was great!


Overall this was a nice, fun collab to watch and I really enjoyed it!
It had it's awesome parts, great parts, good parts and unfortunately...the poorly animated parts.
The mood and flow of the collab was killed once I saw the traced Captain Falcon sprite D:
Try drawing it next time!
My favorite part had to be fredstermaster's, it was smooth, fluid and beautifully executed!

Cool idea

I agree with most of the other reviews, it was pretty cool idea, but some of the scenes were alot better than others, still good job