Reviews for "Throw The Ball Collab"

Great Job!

I really enjoyed this collab. It had some really unique ideas that made it shine. I really liked Fredstermaster's and TheWanderingBard's pieces. The music was okay but overall, great job everyone!!!

Toss it here

Well, that was certainly a ride, gentlemen, but seeing our work in all of its glory here makes me think "Holy ****, this looks way more awesome than I thought."

In hindsight, though, my part could have used a lot of work...

Great Jorb

Nice Work everyone. Congrats on the daily 4th

Great Collab Guys

It was a pleasure working with you =)

Nice collab, terrible sound

That's a nice Collab. some of the ideas were damm good, others rather simple. Also, the graphic quality differs a lot, but nonetheless a funny Collab, well... that is... If the music would be good... or at least tolerable.

Using CXZ as the Main Theme was a fault in my eyes, the sound annoys you in an instant and destroys the fun of watching the Collab.
With an other soundtrack, this may have reached the Top 3.
But still, my respect for the work of all involved authors!