Reviews for "Gotham Heat"

Worth watching!!!!

clean sound. nice animation. great job


...... I think flawless desribes this best.
Very complete. Audio, graphic, style... flawless.

Batman FTW

What a marvellous depicment of the whole Batman fare. And the coordination! God, this was great!

Thumbs Up!

This was amazing. At first, though, I cringed at the generic flash vector art. But when I really got into the animation, the voice acting, the cinematography... I was wowed.

You really should try frame-by-frame animation. Draw and color everything free-hand. No tweens. It'll take a considerable amount of work, but it'll seriously be worth it.

Gave you a 10 because the voice acting, direction, cinematography etc. really made everything come together.


This is just awsome man great job. I wonder how people do these things. This is just really good...keep up the good work.