Reviews for "Gotham Heat"


The production quality on this film is breathtaking, it's clear you've spent a long time on it. Well done.

Excellent Story

I liked it... Though it had no main criminal.. It was Good to see Bullock, batman, and Gordon... I liked it alot. Felt like the Dark Knight.

Excellent series...

Batman the Animated Series, the best Batman series out there, and the one that even gave us many of our now current villains that weren't around in the original corny adam west version. Nice touch with the whole thing, my only suggestion is next time try to use a little less gradients, and more shading.

Just wanted to thank you...

For the effort in telling this story and elaborating on the concept of dying a hero or living long enough to see yourself become the villain. Yes, the comics and even the 90s cartoon delved into the concept, but continuing from where Nolan left off was entertaining. Plus, I like Bullock, despite his dickish ways in the beginning of his crusade against the Batman. Anyway, thank you for putting the effort in to entertain us and I hope to see more out of you in the future. Never give up your dreams. The effort and persistence is always worth it.

The wrinting is awesome,the animation is well paced and the voiceacting was realy good! 5 BATMANS out of 5!!!