Reviews for "Gotham Heat"

Well that was super !

Dont know what to say more .. this was great , everything was great , sounds was very good too. keep up

great short

Fantastic! Im keen on doing a batman short film too, its always great to see an animated short geared toward the cinematic rather than comedy or parody. il say what i think could be improved for your next film:

- some pieces of dialogue were a bit too geared toward explaining whats happening, and its obvious, they talk about the "tip off" twice, "we just got swarmed with bats!" .. it seems unnatural (voice acting was superb though)

- some sfx was not on par with the soundtracks cinematic feel because theres stock footstep sounds (from cs?) and police sirens, with no post work done on them. If theyre in an empty warehouse, put all the sfx together, then go into an audio editor and add some echo, some stereo effect, some fades/pitch bend..etc, just little tweaks to make it seem real, and not a stock sound.

- your stage size is tiny. adjust your stage size so its as big as newgrounds will allow, and host it fullscreen somewhere!

-stay away from side view (2D) angles, it hinders the illusion of a movie

-look up 1 and 2 point perspective (andew loomis), it wont take long to learn and it will greatly help on all your scenes/building perspectives!

Hope you take this advice with a pinch of salt, as the film was great. Keep up the good work!

Cool, I'm in it

My only criticism is that the chopper sound could have stood to be a little bit reduced when the chopper pilot was talking; made it a bit tricky to hear what that fantastic voice actor was saying.


wow just wow that was amazing,best batman animation i'v ever seen,Thanks guys. 10/10 5/5


The dark night is pretty high up there with my favorite movies. IAs son as I saw this I thought this could have been a cool after the credits clip for the movie (if it was live action obviously). Movie is very well done and you did a good job of bringing back the atmosphere of both the animated series and the movies. The animation style was also really cool. It fit with story perfectly.