Reviews for "Gotham Heat"

Average, at best.

Let's start positive, I liked the story. Fits in nicely to the whole Batman thing that's going on right now, works well with the movies etc. etc.


After reading several very well written reviews (Cosmik and *sigh* Crazyblonde13) of this I was hopeful.

This Flash did not deliver.

To be perfectly honest, everything about this Flash looked and sounded like the sort of thing we were seeing 2008 and before. Had it been released then, it would have been exceptional but it just felt... amateurish. With the incredible animations floating around these days the bar has been raised so I'm not sure why this got Daily first.

My reasoning behind the "2008 feel" ?

#1, Counter Strike sound effects. With the amazing array of sound effects availble on the net today, you chose the bland effects of Counter-Strike.

#2, The colour blending. I noticed it most on the Red-to-Black fade with the S.W.A.T co-ordinater in the helicopter. I then noticed it on more things the second time round. That really is some basic stuff right there, I don't even use that effect for work presentations.

#3, Lip-syncing is somewhat out, some additional time spent on that would've been noticed and worthwhile.

#4, When the soldiers are running up the stairs, they look so very flat. Two-Dimensional Flat. The downwards stairs and the upwards stairs are identical.
You say you,
"...actually built a clay model of the city so I could get all the perspectives right. No easy task."
Well the stairs don't show any thought given to perspective at all. The city, honestly, didn't show it either.

Overall, for 2008 an exceptional Flash.

But this IS the tail-end of 2010 and for 2010 it's an exceptionally average Flash.

Because of the story I'll be generous and give this a 5/10.

I think quite a few New Newgroudns users could do with travelling through some Flash Portal History archives and seeing the development of flash to where it is today. I'm very perplexed how this got Daily First.

And to all you Budweiser Babies that are going to mark this as *Not Helpful*, bite me. It's a review. Not all reviews make it seem like the Sun shines out of the Authors arsecrack.


I would have to agree completely with *sigh* Buttcrud (your name is no better) It says it all. From the running animation that was nothing more to stiff legs that only moved at the hips, no knee or ankle movement, to the lack there of for most of the people having no real voice animation. Not even a chin movement when talking with the swat guys. It was nicely done, liked the story, but sounds and animation did fall short for as high as the rating is. Better than some original animation. The last of The Darkin? Not even close to the seemingly perfect sound and motion in other animations.