Reviews for "Gotham Heat"

Extremely well done

This feels like a legitimite way to start off Batman 3, and it sets up an interesting conflict between Gordon and the detective. The animation and artwork were good, the perspectives and scenes in general struck me the most though.

I assume this took a heck of a long time to make, but with something like this you could make a mini series (maybe 4 to 5 animations in total) and you'd be able to tell an amazing story!

If you ever get to do something on those lines with this try and get a musician to make some soundtracks for you, it'd be amazing :)

Great stuff man! Keep it up!


Top action!
If you manage to improve the characters moves and facial animations you'll get superb!
Also, great idea showing Batman as a fugitive, continuing the Dark Knight movie.
I'm sure Christopher Nolan would aprove your work!

Well Done

Criticisms first: Commissioner Gordon's voice bothered me, it didn't sound gruff enough. Also, now that you've finished this ambitious piece, you have to lay off the gradients on your next one. :)

Positives: It flowed really well, the music fit in perfectly, the animation was pretty good, and some of the voice acting was phenomenal.

You have a real eye for pacing, and for shot composition; something that a lot of other videos on Newgrounds lack. The pacing/composition really brought up the quality and believability for me, even when the drawings were a little lacking.

Last off, I just want to commend you for making this look like a regular American movie, and not like some anime. This may have not been your intention, but that's what I took away from it.

great job!

This is better then 90% og the animated batman movies that DC actually puts out. I loved how the cape looked and how he moved. Batman swooping down from the celing was brillent. But When watching i felt like the shadeing on the faces looked odd like just shapes and not actuall detail. But other then that the story and plot ( which i will take over animation quality any day ) were perfect.


Great animation, like professional quality. Its a little unfortunate that this quality is put into a genre that doesn't receive as much attention from the Newgrounds community as allot of other genres.
But then again putting a piece of real art on the web is more important than getting allot of views on something that is really a piece of crap.
Great work