Reviews for "Gotham Heat"


Animation - 10

Length - 8

Sound - 9

Originality - 50

Overall score - 77

Well made cartoon, But you could do better with voice actors. Besides that i love it. Best batman vid on newgrounds.


This is absolutely great! I can't wait for future productions coming from you. I liked practically everything in this video. ^.^ 11/10

Loved it, just some plot issues

I give this ten out of ten because of anything on newgrounds it by far deserves such praise, however, in the interest of being an absolute nerd, i raise a couple points.

One, near the very begining you have them state he is a cop killer. While he is framed for the murder of Harvey Dent, Dent is not a cop. He's a DA. In neither of the films does the batman kill a cop.

Two, the batman WOULDNT fight cops, not even the really gritty comic book dark knight stuff from the 80s and 90s had him killing or even fighting cops to any remarkable degree.

Again, loved it, thought it was great and wonderful job, i just feel the need as a batman nerd to speak out in defence of the batman.

MOC-Productions responds:

Well first off, thank you for the great review.


I'd like to clear something up though; when the SWAT leader states that Batman is a "cop killer", he is not just referring to Harvey Dent. He is referring to the cops that Harvey Dent killed out of revenge (Wertz for example), in which Batman took the fall for. In order to maintain people's faith in Dent and the "good" in Gotham, Batman decides that "they must not know what he did", and tells Gordon to blame it on him. So long story short, the people of Gotham (with the exception of Gordon) are under the impression that Batman DID kill at least one cop.

As far as Batman fighting cops, he does (even in Dark Knight in one of the last action sequences).

I appreciate you taking the time to write such a nice review and thank you. Just thought I'd clarify those things.

Very well done.

It felt like it could easily be official. There were a few issues with people's movement, but everything else more than makes up for it. Cheers.