Reviews for "Gotham Heat"


About the perspective issue, google 'perspective drawing' and you should find dozens of tutorials that will help you out with that. There are actual methods to getting the perspective of shapes and buildings down perfectly. Once I read two to three good tutorials about it all my backgrounds I draw now for my projects are perfect.

Aside from that, you could also improve on your facial animation. At the scene where the detectives are talking to one another, their eyes and face were pretty static, and when you had one of them moving their eyebrows, it looked like he was twitching. Just spend more time making their eyebrows move more dynamicaly and make them blink their eyes, cause I swore they didn't blink once. Anyways, good job! I like the artwork and the fighting scenes where great!

Really, really really good job!

I wasn't a fan of a bit of the animation you did (i.e. the light being multiple circles, or the windows on the buildings being gradients in one scene) but I loved the whole story you got. Timing on pretty much everything was great.

Only one thing I'd like to note that's flawed in your story line. SWAT, or any other organization for that matter, would not have the whole team approach a criminal for the same reason batman took all of them out. It's only one that moves in, while the other(s) hold the criminal at gun point.