Reviews for "Gotham Heat"

great job!

This is better then 90% og the animated batman movies that DC actually puts out. I loved how the cape looked and how he moved. Batman swooping down from the celing was brillent. But When watching i felt like the shadeing on the faces looked odd like just shapes and not actuall detail. But other then that the story and plot ( which i will take over animation quality any day ) were perfect.

A masterpiece

You have done exceptionally well with this.


A few problems, some arms looked square at the joint, running seemed to look a bit awkward, and when looking down at the police cars they looked 2d like a piece of paper. Otherwise the flash was awesome, well animated, the shading was great, you could see black clothing in the dark too which is great, the voices were well done. And damn, it was well thought out. Just a few animation problems really. Great job, make more.


i want more

Great Animation!

Good plot, good script, well shot, sfx top notch, fight scenes were better than the actual Dark Knight fight scenes. He moved as a shadow, not just some guy in a costume.

Also like the appearance of detective Bullick. You've done the Batman saga a world of justice just now.