Reviews for "Gotham Heat"


you has it! 5.billion/10 what i want in flash movie sis the feeling, and you took care of that veery well! the reason why im so calm in this review is because my brain stoped working by the awesomeness and it wont recover in years!

Good Representation

Every time (which is not too often) when a Batman animation gets posted on NG I get a little nervous. I am a huge critiqe when it comes to the Bat, have been since i was a kid, so I had to give your project the time of day despite initial fears.

Well, you killed those fears pretty well. You can def tell you pulled from the animated series, (if Bullock was not a dead give away) but even the rooftop fight, and everything, really well done, well put together.

The animation and voice acting was pretty good. Your style of Batman was sweet to, it was exciting to see him pop in every seen just to see how him.

Couple negatives. The voice acting got a little rough, but I understand this is a big project and size probably had to be reduced a fair bit.

Secondly, the story was a little funny. Batman is not naive enough to produce a lot of his weapons locally, despite what he does at Wayne Enterprises. It would have made a lot more sense for me, if he was investigating something in the warehouse, and a criminal gave a tip to the police, trying to set him up.

But thats where the negative ends. All in all, very impressed, with your work. You can tell you defiantly put a lot into it. Not sure if you plan to do a follow up, but it would be nice to see. Nice work.


The Batman

Overall it was a great animation. You had the story almost exactly where the dark knight left off. Voices were good, even his battles with the cops were down as well. Great job


From the clandestine movements of the batman taking out SWAT in the dark to the movements of the torchlights seeking his whereabouts is all very theatrical and professionally captured.
I liked the inclusion of Bulllock being involved (A nice nostalgic factor) and though some of the voicework from the characters does lack a little punch and emotive flair seen in the movies the only reason I'm mentioning that little drawback is because the movie is sucking me when I'm watching something so well scripted and documented.

I'm loving this, I really am, it's one of the few rare gems this site hosts and as far as fan based flashworks go, I'd rank this as one of the top 10. So promote it and be proud of the work you've put into this.

If you ever make another flash flic with this much direction and effort, I'd be eager and happy to see it.

That is all.

That was really good.

Batman portrayed pretty well and so was the whole story. Animation could use abit more work, but overall is exellent work.