Reviews for "Gotham Heat"

Good job...kind of hard to see at times

Great job man, really liked it, just wish it was a little brighter so I could see all the great work you've put into it. Keep it up!


Incredible drawing, perfect music and yea gordons voice did bother me too but other than that it is really good

Just one comment

Since when did gotham city become just gotham? Should be G.C.P.D. otherwise was tons of fun! :)

MOC-Productions responds:

Haha. I thought the same thing, but if you watch Dark Knight, it actually is just "G.P.D.".


this was great. i like how you stayed true to the feel of the movie and i saw how the animated series influence you. very dark, very deep, true to Batman cant wait to see what you do next

Well Done

Criticisms first: Commissioner Gordon's voice bothered me, it didn't sound gruff enough. Also, now that you've finished this ambitious piece, you have to lay off the gradients on your next one. :)

Positives: It flowed really well, the music fit in perfectly, the animation was pretty good, and some of the voice acting was phenomenal.

You have a real eye for pacing, and for shot composition; something that a lot of other videos on Newgrounds lack. The pacing/composition really brought up the quality and believability for me, even when the drawings were a little lacking.

Last off, I just want to commend you for making this look like a regular American movie, and not like some anime. This may have not been your intention, but that's what I took away from it.