Reviews for "Gotham Heat"

A little too dark...

But it's an impressive job! Keep going

Good plot but the animations was awful.

The story and action is enjoyable and that's what kept me interested. Some of the scenes were suspenseful, when the military were invading the hall and when Batman was trapped on the roof, for example.

Furthermore, the music was well composed, it felt pretty powerful, especially in the credits, that music was awesome. I wish you'd produced a bit more and blended it in with the action as that would've made the environment a lot better.

Unfortunately, it was the environments that really hurt this short movie. The art felt very basic, most of the shapes were really simple geometric shapes layered on top of one another and the only decent use of multiple colours were the gradients.

The animations wasn't that good either, especially movement. I respect that anthropic movement is a difficult thing to recreate but it didn't look like there'd been an attempt to tween leg movements. They're either ran with stuttering strides or they simply slid along the floor.

If this animations had looked just a tad better the atmosphere that both the plot and dialogue created would have been more tangible. Congratulations on sticking to it after such a long time too, well done! :)


I thaught it was a good origanal peice of art and thouraly enjoyed it.
great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better as the sum of its parts

Basically speaking, the work you put in it was great, but the individual parts(e.g. the animation, i.e crappy walking/running animation, bad voice acting and generally the graphics seem 2000 flash quality). What made up for it is music, the dialogue and the theme. In the end, you made through it, but it was close to overreaching. In my opinion, polish the basics and in then go for the more ambitious animations as this one just cut it, but not very far in. It may be ok for a casual viewer who doesn't pay attention to any detail but for me - it was unrefined material.

Have that in mind ;) Cheers.

P.S. Feel free to use me as a voice actor for future animations.

Good, but...

As strong as the animation, editing and sound were it really stands out that you didn't bother to get a better illustrator.

In this instance I think that the "near black" darkness was way overused.

Personal opinion: Matt is a great animator and I can see his work is just going to get better.