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Reviews for "No More Joshing Around"


But I like it! :3


that was an epic battle.
Good work.

Loved it!

Part one and part 2, I thought it would get a little too Bleach/DBZ/Naruto referenced but when he did Bankai into an office chair I burst out laughing. Loved the battle scene, loved the originality of Josh's powers/skills/whatever. The art could use a little more work, but its well worked to be decent.
Overall great job. 5/5 9/10

So bad that I laughed

This was possibly the worst thing I have ever looked at ever. I am insulted just by it existing.

Serious Critisisim

First of all - I'm assuming this was mouse drawn? I'd definitely suggest investing in a tablet if so. Also most of the drawings just looked sloppy - try not to let your ideas get ahead of your execution. In both movies i noticed some poor gestures / lip sync / and poses to. You should study human anatomy more before attempting another one man it will pay off. To the blind eye this movie is good though and the effects were simple and worked. Not a bad job - the story was average. Only chuckle I had was "We don't have any female voice actors" :P The movies timing is well done and it works and that's the most important thing. Keep on trying!