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Reviews for "No More Joshing Around"


Paddle ball + Bankai = Executive office chair ....... OF COURSE!!!

just as planned

i love that death note reference
also that word that comes up in the chair scene doesnt it mean that ur happy some1 is sad?


It was... amusing. I will give you that. The parody of Ichigo going bankai was interesting, and the music just made it more so. Though I am not sure if I could count the farting to power up as toilet humor or not, and if so then.... well I am still not sure what to make of it. It is a O.K. piece of work, the art wasn't amazing, but not terrible, and the plot and such was..... lacking.
Humor: 4/10
Plot: 5/10

+1 for sheer interest factor.

Overall score: 5.6

That was great!

Made me laugh!

thad was awesome

the foice and caracter was gread done and the aniemation was ferry good the ard style was kindof boring but i dont mind thad so a 10/10